Jenny cast her mind back over the last year. Her heart broke again as the memories flooded her mind and she relived how she and her brother and mother Bella fled in the middle of the night. Brett, their drunken, husband, and father, threatened to kill them.
The three of them spent a terrifying night in the car parked in a beach car park. They expected Brett to appear at any moment and smash the car windows.
In retrospect, Jenny had grown up this last year. In years she was thirteen but experience-wise twenty-three.
Against her will and that of her brother, Bella returned to Brett. As Bella kept saying, ‘I’ll lose everything, my home, my husband. I need a man in my life.’
‘But Mum, he is an alcoholic, he will kill us. I’m scared of what he will do to me. Please don’t go home to Brett,’ Jenny pleaded.
They returned home. Life was a sunny day for a few weeks, then the thunderclouds began to build up. Brett reverted to his old behavior.
Jenny and her brother arrived home from school one day to be greeted by a policewoman. Their mother had died at Brett’s drunken hands.
They were orphans, she and her brother. If only her mother had been strong enough to live apart from Brett, she would still be alive.
Jenny promised herself and her brother, ‘I’ll not repeat my mother’s mistakes.’Daily Prompt: Retrospective

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