I saw an image of a frog sitting on a peeled banana, enjoying the sweet moisture.  For me to capture such an image would not be possible because transport is not available.  All I have at my disposal is my imagination and innovation.

The frog in the image above is a fake. I bought it at a tourist store rather cheaply.   The creature looks real tucked away among the leaves.  I had fun experimenting with the toy in many different positions.

A tin flower made by an artist

We humans can put on a good front, we can pose, making out we are who we are not. We often hide a broken, hurting heart behind a smiling face. We are fakes, and in some ways, we become shams just to survive.  When self-esteem is lacking, human nature compensates, by putting up a front.

God knows, God sees past the façade of the broken heart, the offended feelings, the poor self-esteem. He cares what happens to us. He sees we are living a life of make-believe which is only half a life. God desires a better life for us, a real, true life.

God cares so much that ‘he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him should have eternal life.’(John 3: 16) God did not send Jesus into the world to condemn us but to save us because he cares.

The good news is that Jesus can set those who feel bound by addiction free, that there is hope for them through Jesus, ill health can be dispelled.

God does not condemn a person, he does not give up on a person, I am a testimony to that. He loves us through our problems until the real person emerges. God does not work on the outside, he works on the inside, the heart, he changes the person’s heart so they become a new creature, and they have a new and perfect spirit. There is no need to hide anymore, the self-esteem is restored, and the person is whole

The fallen petal

The secret to shedding the skin of a fake is to accept Jesus and invite him to dwell in your inner self and begin his work of creating a new person.





tweeked sculpture - Copy-001

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