When Bruce and I returned from our honeymoon we went immediately to our new home. For the fun of it, we kept the tradition of the groom carrying the bride across the threshold or doorstep of their new home.  It signaled the start of a life together with the groom welcoming his bride into the home he had prepared for her.


Restlessness hung over every home, town, village, and city in Egypt that night.  Every house in throughout the nation and especially the Jewish quarters was lit up, no one went to bed. They were waiting for the word to move out. It was the last night the Israeli’s would spend in  Egypt. The feeling was mixed, what would happen to them, where would they go? Were they exchanging one kind of slavery for another?

By and large, the people huddled in their houses eating their last meal in Egypt as Moses was instructed by God. The order had been issued, word of mouth, an unblemished lamb had to be killed and cooked a certain way and its blood painted on the .lintel and sides of the door. The information was that a curse of death was placed on the firstborn of every family regardless of nationality.  Those sheltering in homes with the blood painted over the door would escape.  The Israelis believed this and complied.

When the night was at its darkest, the cry of heartbroken people could be heard, the firstborn offspring, men, women, and children were being found dead.  Those sheltering behind the blood splattered doors were safe, no death or evil could cross the threshold. The Israeli homes were safe-houses. It was to be known as the Passover when the curse passed over the Israeli nation.

The rituals carried out in every home were to be passed down word of mouth, and celebrated every year. How God ordered the blood of animals to be killed to cover his people from the curse and keep them safe.  Today, Christians celebrated Easter, but really it is the Passover being practiced.

night cross.JPG


God has made some changes to the Passover Feast,  animals are no longer used.  They were only a stopgap, a covering,  God had a grand design, changing the heart of man,  making him a new creature and to do that he needed a perfect person to take the place of the unblemished lamb and who better to do this than his only son Jesus.

Jesus Christ became the lamb, he was crucified, he carried us and our waywardness onto the cross and when we believe and accept him we are carried over the threshold of past hurts, failures, and wrong decisions into a new life of righteousness, the old life is annihilated. Every principality and power, in heaven or earth, was crushed and they were placed under Christ’s feet.

Satan may tell us that we must perform this ritual, or do that act to be worthy to serve God and reach our full potential.  The thing is, we are free and worthy the moment we believe in Jesus as God’s son and savior.  God can’t do any more for us, he freed us when Jesus died for us.

P1310441 - Copy.JPG

Because we have believed, we are the children of God. We’ve been elevated to be joint heirs with Christ.  Everything that is his is ours. The Father’s love, his care, and provision. The Father’s power,  and wealth, it’s all ours,  so don’t let Satan dupe us into believing we have to do something to cross the threshold to be free.



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