In past times, boys with a penny could buy magical toys and sweets.  Their joyous expectation to buy almost unbearable. Entering a shop to pick from an array of sweets was mouth-watering.

Bruce and Peter, with their friends, discovered a source of untold wealth, while exploring.  Gaining access to the local Institute through an unlocked door, the boys discovered a pile of empty Woodroofe’s cool drink bottles.   The bottles displayed single flowers at the local Agricultural Show once a year. No one expected the bottles to vanish so they lay carelessly under the stage.

The owner of the local store reported to the Agricultural Show committee that a group of boys was returning empty drink bottles. The bottles came from the Community Hall. Like wildfire, the news spread and the Committee held a council of war. The boys hadn’t committed the crime of the century.  They needed to learn though, the bottles weren’t for sale.

P1240946 - Copy

‘Come here, you boys, ’ Bruce and Peter’s dad undertook the task of explaining the bottles were not for sale.  He probably guessed his sons were among the young bottle-o’s.  ‘Do you know who is taking the bottles from the Institute?’

‘No, we don’t know, Dad, ’  the two boys assured him innocently.

‘Well let me know if you find out, ’  Dad glared a warning at his sons.

Dad’s love for his sons found a way to warn them that broken rules are punishable. If more bottles disappeared though, results would occur.


Like Dad God found a way to let us off the hook for breaking his laws. God loved us deeply. He wanted us his beloved children to commune with him from the beginning.  Before we were twinkles in our parents’ eyes.  Jesus, God’s only son, his beloved son undertook the reunion. Through his death, Jesus gave us the gift of goodness with the gift of life lasting forever.

Rebirth of our spirit took place when we accepted Jesus as our Saviour.  He took away condemnation and guilt, results of our rebellion against God. Jesus stood in for us taking our rebellion on himself clearing the way for us to become the beloved children of God.

night cross






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