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Entering a restaurant and being waited on is sheer luxury.  Chefs cooking delicious food and waiters or waitresses bringing it to the table is sublime. The waiters fill your glasses, fetch the coffee, enquire if the food is to your liking, are you happy with the service. Your every need is anticipated. One feels important, very special and affluent.

My husband Bruce, and I have just celebrated our sixty-sixth wedding anniversary by have dinner at a local restaurant.  Separated from the crowd in an alcove, we dined with our son and daughter-in-law.  We were waited on, congratulated and fussed over.

Recently, the camera flash of revelation went off as I sat in church musing on what was being said and done. There are a number of Bible verses that urge us to wait on God.
My understanding of waiting on God was to spend hours, days in prayer, reading the Bible all the time, mind blank, just waiting. Waiting on God in this fashion, I was led to believe would bring about miracles, revival, healing, moving God to answer my prayers. I found this kind of waiting on God hard work and dismally failed.  No wonder it was a struggle. When compelled to do something, it becomes legalistic and dead, in the end, one fails.

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What if there was another meaning to waiting on God similar to the waiters and waitresses? Waiting on him in praise and adoration.  Delighting myself in his presence, seeking out his every need, fussing over him, as it were.  Psalm 37: 4 and 7 say, ‘Be delighted with the  Lord…Rest in the Lord…’


Don’t you yet understand? Don’t you know by now that the everlasting God, the Creator of the farthest parts of the earth, never grows faint or weary.’ Isaiah 40: 28


I became excited and worshipped him. I mused on the love that God had for me.  I was both enthralled and awed at his love that overlooked my rebellion and insistence on independence.  I waited on God, fussed over him, cared for him, listened to him.  Waiting on God was never so easy and sweet.


In olden times, Israelite priests were forbidden to wear woolen garments next to their skin. Fine linen garments must be worn. Linen was a type of God’s grace. Woolen garments caused sweat and perspiration was a type of self-effort. ‘they must not wear anything that would cause them to perspire.’ Ezekiel 44:18, 19, LB.
It is clear that God hates the self-effort of his people. He denounces our efforts to make ourselves acceptable in his sight by calling our righteousness a dirty rag.  For us to be righteous and meet God’s requirements of holiness and purity we must accept Jesus ‘Christ.

My first understanding of waiting on God was mostly self-effort. I wanted to please God but it was out of duty. I waited on God because I was told to not because I wanted to. There is a difference.


‘The more you trust Jesus and keep your eyes focused on him, the more life you have.’

Joyce Meyers


The camera flash showed another way to wait on God and please him.  Praise, worship, adoration, and thanksgiving was the way. Offering praise, thanksgiving, and rejoicing is proof that we have accepted what Jesus has done for us and that pleases God.

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We can wait on God washing clothes, doing dishes, eating a meal. We can leave the bustle of life and be quiet, set ourselves apart to bless him, thank him and adore him. This way of waiting on God is effortless.



Let me close with the scripture that set off the question of waiting on God, ‘But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.’ Isaiah 40: 31 LB.



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