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‘What a shot!’ No, we are not talking about firing a gun but taking an image with the camera.

Photography is made easy since digital cameras were introduced. If an image is not to our liking, we can delete it or use a photo-editor to improve it. Digital cameras have given the layman various options to choose from. Digital cameras can almost talk but there are still rules to observe if we want an image of beauty.

Rule of Third


For the beginning photographer, the rule of thirds is a good way to start taking satisfactory images. A composition is aided by the rule of thirds. Modern cameras have a grid which sections of the view-finder into thirds.

The subject is aligned with the grid at a point where the grid lines indicate a third. The camera is focused upon the subject, and the button pressed and the image preserved. The rule of thirds can create great pictures. Some people find the rule of thirds restricting and break the rule.  The rule of thirds is only a guide and rules are made to be broken.


Composition, or the arrangement of elements or subjects into a pattern, a line or giving balance to the scene, creates a beautiful image. The arrangement or composition will draw the eye into the scene and focus on the subject we want to emphasise. Which could be a snow-capped mountain, a river, a shack in a forest glade.

The camera is a way of saving a scene or preserving a precious memory of a loved one, a holiday or celebration. Each of us retains the memory but we each have a different view of the event.  To have an image to view helps preserve that memory correctly.

When we think of God, we each have a different image. We see him as a loving Father, a creative Spirit, angry and judgemental.  Depending on our image of God, we either fear him, reject him or are drawn to him. Our image of God often depends on our experiences in the family and upbringing.


Our interpretation of the same image will differ according to each person. It is amazing how several people can view the same image yet interpret it differently. The individual interpretation of the image will be correct yet it will differ from other’s perception. To present us with a correct image of himself, God has sent his son Jesus to live among us. In Jesus, we have the perfect image of God.  The writer of Hebrews says, ‘God’s Son shines out with God’s glory, and all that God’s Son is and does marks him as God.’

Jesus is recognised as compassionate, standing up for the downtrodden, binding up the broken-hearted, providing for the poor, healing the sick, powerful, yet loving. In Jesus, we see God the Father. God wanted the world to have a clear, sharp view of himself and Jesus is the true image, the precise image. ‘Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God.’ Colossians 1: 15 LB. We can hardly say now that we can’t believe in God because we haven’t seen him, for we have.
Jesus the son is the seamless composition of God.  Everything points to Jesus who is the flawless image of the Father.  Applying the rule of thirds to Jesus, there are many images, Mary washing Jesus’s feet with her tears and drying them with her hair. Jesus sitting on a boat preaching to thousands.

Rule of thirds

Jesus has brought us into the very presence of God.  He has shown us the unearned favour of God. Above all, Jesus, by his death, has shown us how passionate the Father’s love for us is.  God has wiped out everything that stood between him and us. There is nothing standing between us and God any more. The part we play is accepting Jesus as Saviour and inviting him to come and dwell in our heart by faith.



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