Over a pie, honey log and custard slice, I and my family sat in a café after church discussing the sermon we had just heard.

The question arose about revelation of truth, that moment when a camera flash went off in the mind and you thought, wow! So that’s what that means.   That particular truth is so real, you never forget it and the Christian walk becomes an afternoon rest instead a tiredness that’s hard to keep your eyes open. The position of being a child of God becomes a whole new ball game.  Each of the family had had that camera flash moment that changed our lives forever.

Bruce declared that for him the camera flash went off and he saw that he had been made good, that God had clothed him in Christ’s goodness. that he was the righteousness of God through Christ.

For me, when the camera flash went off, I blinked and said, ‘Wow! I’m always in the Will of God!’



For many years I had struggled with how to know the will of God. I read, I prayed, ‘I want to know your will, Lord, please show me your will for my life. I want to do your will, walk in your will, but I just seem to do what I think is right.  How do I know I’m doing your will?  Please show me.’

I can’t remember where I was or what I was doing when the camera flash went off in my mind and across my mind flashed the thought, ‘you are always in the will of God. Ever since you became a Christian you have been in the will of God.  You are never out of it.’



‘Whew, that’s a bit radical,’ I thought, ‘it can’t be that simple. What about all the decisions I made that seemed to lead me up the garden path to nowhere, and what about the self defensive attitudes, and  the planks of grudges that I carry? How can I be in his will with all this baggage?

‘You are saved and forgiven, aren’t you? Your sins are taken from you as far as the east is from the west?’  The question flashed across my mind.

‘Yes, I’m saved and forgiven,’ I agreed.

‘You are a new creature in Christ and it’s no long you that lives but Christ in you, right?’ The question was a statement as well.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

‘Do you not realise that your body is the home of the Holy Spirit God gave you, and that he lives within you?’ The words echoed in my mind.

‘Ye-e-es’ I agreed, but… I felt there had to be a ‘but’ in there somewhere.

‘Well then, you are in the will of God and you can’t be out of it ever,’

‘What about the wrong decisions I had made thinking God had led me and were proven to be lemons?   Or the decisions I make to seemingly please myself?’ I argued.

‘You are still in the will of God. God has given you a free will to exercise, if you make a supposedly wrong decision you will wear the consequences.  I am not going to wave a wand and save you but use the circumstances for your growth. Never-the-less, you are still in my will, you can’t be moved.’


I was in awe of such a simple truth that carried such a powerful light of revelation of who I was and where I was living.  The knowledge was like a cleansing wind.  It meant I never had to pray again or worry about being in the will of God; I was there all the time.  The amazing thing was I didn’t make so many mistakes or wrong decisions because I knew I was in the will of God.  I was free to pray and serve, not having to look over my shoulder to see if I was still in his will.



The camera flashes of revelation were stored away again in the computers of our minds.  The pies and honey log and vanilla slice were tucked away as well.  We went our separate ways for another week.



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‘Contrast is what makes photography interesting,’ states Conrad Hall and what better way for the beginning photographer to create contrast than the use of light and shadow.                           P1260500


Morning light produces tender beautiful light and is sought by photographers. To catch early-morning light calls for an early rise, when the alarm is set, warm clothes worn. Our camera bag is packed the day before. The color is soft, delicate and mysterious. The hard angles in the landscape are smoothed into gentle contours. Shadows are distorted and produce images of interest and beauty, it’s easy to be creative in such glorious light



We move on to midday when the sun is at its zenith. Light is bright, shadowless and harsh.  Scenes become washed out, faces lack color and contours.  Landscapes are over-exposed.  Midday is a time to avoid.


P1200348 - Copy-001.JPG


Late afternoon and the light changes yet again. A glittering gilded hue, like a halo, surrounds gardens and landscapes. Poets, writers, and photographers refer to this hour as the golden hour. The sunlight sparkles on every leaf, like a diamond. The scene is enriched with soft color. Giving it a romance, a beauty that excites photographers. This is the photographers’ hour.


glass ball cloud.jpg


The blue hour it’s called but not because it brings on a bout depression. When the sun is below the horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a blue shade. The sky is often streaked with pinks and purples creating a heaven filled with drama, black moods, mystery, and a sense of foreboding. The blue hour is a creative and challenging time for the photographer.

Be aware of your surroundings, always look for that special moment. That scene when light, shade, and action come together at once and the photographer is in the right place, at the exact time and your favorite camera is in your hand. An intuitive sense needs to be developed, we need to observe with another eye, the third eye. Developing the third eye, so to speak, calls for practice, the daily use of the camera, taking many images. The advice of one photographer is to take fifty images a day.



Light must have a source from which to shine. Outdoors it’s the sun indoors it is lamps, torches, globes to aid lighting.  Many types of artificial illumination are used in which to create effects of mood and emotion the ambiance of a room.  There is a vast amount of equipment available to enhance images and manipulate them in whatever way we like. There is more to be said about the use of light, I have only outlined the use and need of light. I wonder if the subject of light could ever be fully explored.

As people, we too need light to live.  Without daylight, we could not enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Our world needs the sun to grow food.  We could not live in a world of darkness.  Yet we do – a mental darkness.  We try to create our own brightness but it soon dies, it is an artificial radiance gained from things.

Going to Bed.JPG


Ever looked into someone’s face and felt a darkness? The expression is closed, dark, depressed and sad.  We meet another person who exudes joy. Their face is open, alight, they are full of enthusiasm.  They are lit up from within.  Needless to say, we need illumination within and without if we are to function healthily.

The source of that inner light is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Jesus says of himself, ‘I am the light of the world.’ When I first accepted Jesus as my savior, I was struck by the clarity of color, and how in focus everything was. I thought I must have imagined it, not understanding that Jesus gave me a new spirit and pristine heart. I was a brand-new person. Later, I found others had experienced the same thing. My inner light source changed, for the better, I might add.

One day Jesus was speaking to a crowd of people, ‘I am the light of the world, so if you follow me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, for living light will flood your path.’(John 8: 12 LB) Throughout my life Christ has lit up my life with a living light that has not been able to be extinguished.  Grief, loss, depression, poverty or hardship even happiness and comfort, have all been my experience, but they have not been able to put out my inner source of life. Once Jesus is enthroned within our being, we are lit with an eternal radiance.

To be a good photographer we need light and know how to use it.  To find true health and know how to relate to our fellow humans, we need a pure light.  Jesus is our pure inner source. He said of himself, ‘I have come as a Light to shine in this dark world so that all who put their trust in me will no longer wander in darkness.’ (John 12: 44 -47 LB)











When the core of a pear is bad the whole fruit is bad and has to be discarded.

I worked as a fruit cutter in the Riverland in the 1950’s and spent weeks cutting pears in halves for drying.

If the spraying program had been successful the pears were grub free and didn’t have to be cored. If the spraying had not been successful the pears were riddled with grubs and the core had to be taken out lowering the quality of the dried fruit and also took longer to cut the pears.

Pears that hadn’t been cored and were perfect in color and crispness when dried, brought a high price but the cored pears were lower in price.  The fruit blocker’s profit margin relied on the core.  If the core was imperfect his profits were down and if the core was perfect the blocker’s profits were up and he was a happy chappy.


When Bruce’s heart was not functioning properly, his whole life was affected. He was unable to work with his old vigor, he couldn’t walk as briskly nor as far. He found himself running out of breath and experiencing pain.

His lifestyle was poor and he looked forward to an even poorer lifestyle unless his heart in some way could be healed.

After the operation, his heart was restored. His core, so to speak, was healed, and he was functioning perfectly and has been for the last fifteen years or more.

He was a very happy chappy



Attacking our very core are people who have planned the perfect society where everyone is equal and tolerant of each other.  They are planning a sexless society in that we can choose partners from either sex and change our sex if we are not happy with our present gender.  These people are starting at our core, the school room where our children are so vulnerable and easily trained.  Our children’s’ core will be changed to accept all kinds of immorality that will be called moral. A society of adults who will accept these ideas without question is being created with no experience of any morality.  Our society is being engineered to be Godless, moral-less, free to be as abnormal as possible. We will be unhappy moral-less chappies.



Satan, the enemy of God, aims for our core.  He engineers church tradition and doctrine to divert us from a personal relationship with God. He confuses our thinking over doctrines by putting books, films and the media in our hands that pontificate on spiritual matters causing us to think we should search for this feeling and that kind of knowledge until our relationship with God is no longer vital but just a habit.



The core of Christianity is Jesus, the core of us is Jesus. The core of us has been made good and nothing can unmake it. It is the presence of a living Christ in us at our core that makes us righteous.  We have been made happy righteous chappies.



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Piccadilly Valley_Panorama2  16.9 ratio.jpg
Piccadilly Valley South Australia viewed from Mt Lofty


Rising dark and forbidding in the early morning, its head swathed in a scarf of mist, Mount Toolybrunup is the second highest peak in the Stirling Ranges of Western Australia.

Over breakfast, around the campfire, my family and I planned the climb the mountain.  It was 3,000 feet the highest we had ever climbed – the prospect was daunting yet exciting.

We set a goal – to have lunch at the top of the mountain.  It should have been easy. We were not far up the mountain when our lungs began to pump like a blacksmith’s bellows.  Our hearts pounded against rib cages like birds trying to escape. Our resolve was starting to weaken.  The higher we went, the harder it became.

Vanessa, now my son’s wife, slapped her aching legs, ‘Legs, do as I say.’  She was trying to summon up energy, willing her legs to take yet another step and another.  We were suffering from jelly-legs.

Panoramic view, Mt Lofty


We sat on a rock, taking a rest in readiness for a final onslaught to the summit.

A wide semi-circle of mountains surrounded us, beyond, rows of mountain ranges marched northward.  Beautiful in their varying shades of blue. Vanessa smacked her legs again saying, ‘I feel angry with my legs.

‘Don’t waste energy on anger,’ I replied. Getting frustrated was the last thing we should do if we wanted to reach the top.  Eventually, we clambered over the last boulder and were on the summit of the world.  What a vision!


A blue wren, Mt Lofty


There is another lofty vista, a different one, one that is vital to our well-being here and now and in the future.

Christ lifted us from the valley of death to the heavenly heights to sit with him in the heavenly realms. What a vision but it is more than a vision, it is a reality bought by Christ. We do sit with him in the celestial altitudes, we have entered the throne room of God with him because he made us as righteous as he is. What a remarkable fact.

We eventually had to clamber back down from the giddy tops, but as the children of God, we never have to leave the giddy peak of God’s throne room.

The fact of living in the throne room of God means that we are above the fog of living bound by our circumstances.  Our vision is clear, we live in the sunshine of God’s acceptance of us.

fire tower _Panorama1  cloned.jpg
A fire spotting tower, Mt Lofty


‘We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, ’needs to be our motto.  Added to this thought, Jesus spoke of us doing all that he did and even greater things.  Have you ever thought about praying for the dead to rise?  For a miracle to take place when you’ve prayed?  No, the thought pops up, ‘It might not be God’s will.’  It is God’s will for us to be in health and prosper.  It is God’s will that our prayers are answered, ‘Ask what you will, and it will be.’  Another quote, ‘speak to the mountain and by faith, it will move the sea,


I climbed Mount Toolybrunup and sat on the tallest crag and drank in the glory, another tick on my bucket list.

My biggest challenge as a Christian is to acknowledge that I am just as Jesus is right now in Heaven – recognizing that all of his glory, power, and perfection is in me and I can climb mountains of faith, even cast them, if need be, into the sea. I see the vision splendid, and I press on claiming as mine, the reality of Christ in me.