When the core of a pear is bad the whole fruit is bad and has to be discarded.

I worked as a fruit cutter in the Riverland in the 1950’s and spent weeks cutting pears in halves for drying.

If the spraying program had been successful the pears were grub free and didn’t have to be cored. If the spraying had not been successful the pears were riddled with grubs and the core had to be taken out lowering the quality of the dried fruit and also took longer to cut the pears.

Pears that hadn’t been cored and were perfect in color and crispness when dried, brought a high price but the cored pears were lower in price.  The fruit blocker’s profit margin relied on the core.  If the core was imperfect his profits were down and if the core was perfect the blocker’s profits were up and he was a happy chappy.


When Bruce’s heart was not functioning properly, his whole life was affected. He was unable to work with his old vigor, he couldn’t walk as briskly nor as far. He found himself running out of breath and experiencing pain.

His lifestyle was poor and he looked forward to an even poorer lifestyle unless his heart in some way could be healed.

After the operation, his heart was restored. His core, so to speak, was healed, and he was functioning perfectly and has been for the last fifteen years or more.

He was a very happy chappy



Attacking our very core are people who have planned the perfect society where everyone is equal and tolerant of each other.  They are planning a sexless society in that we can choose partners from either sex and change our sex if we are not happy with our present gender.  These people are starting at our core, the school room where our children are so vulnerable and easily trained.  Our children’s’ core will be changed to accept all kinds of immorality that will be called moral. A society of adults who will accept these ideas without question is being created with no experience of any morality.  Our society is being engineered to be Godless, moral-less, free to be as abnormal as possible. We will be unhappy moral-less chappies.



Satan, the enemy of God, aims for our core.  He engineers church tradition and doctrine to divert us from a personal relationship with God. He confuses our thinking over doctrines by putting books, films and the media in our hands that pontificate on spiritual matters causing us to think we should search for this feeling and that kind of knowledge until our relationship with God is no longer vital but just a habit.



The core of Christianity is Jesus, the core of us is Jesus. The core of us has been made good and nothing can unmake it. It is the presence of a living Christ in us at our core that makes us righteous.  We have been made happy righteous chappies.



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