A portrait preserves the person forever whether it is a photograph or a painting.  Each photographer or artist will see the subject differently and seek to underscore each trait and interpret the model.



1.       The photographer will highlight the lines and contours of the face by placing lights at strategic points to reveal character, beauty or emotion.
2.       Background plays a huge role in the portrait. It is an addition to light in revealing the person, their character and physical attributes, even telling a story about them.  Backgrounds need to compliment the portrait.
3.       Professional photographer, David Lazar believes it is important to connect with the subject.  Making a friend of the subject relaxes them, and they will co-operate gladly. A beautiful portrait is the result, and everyone is happy.
4.       Most photographers agree that the eyes have it. It is recognised that the eyes are the window to the soul. They reveal so much about the person and their moods. The eyes then, need to be accentuated, either by light or by accessories in some way.

5.       Emotion plays a large role in portraiture. The need to make a friend of the subject is even more important.  When the photographer displays friendship, acceptance, tells a joke, anything to bring calm and peace to the situation rather than tension the results are a successful photoshoot and portrait.

P1120884 - Copy.jpg




Of course, when we consider Jesus Christ, there are comparisons in knowing him to the photographer taking portraits.  Although there is no physical image of Jesus, we can draw an image from the words that describe him.   We have the universe that showcases his power, genius, love and provision for all that is in the universe. The mission Jesus Christ undertook was to portray God and so Jesus became ‘the exact likeness of the unseen God. He existed before God made anything at all, he was before all else began, and it is his power that holds everything together.’(Colossians 1: 15 – 17. LB)
To see and follow the rightful God, there are four steps to take similar to that of the photographer in shooting a portrait. In following these steps, a portrait of God and his son Jesus emerges and not only tthem but a portrait of our real selves evolves.

1.       The first step is connection.  We need to connect with God through Jesus.  That calls for faith to believe he is. ‘Anyone who wants to come to God must believe that there is a God, and that he rewards those who sincerely look for him.’(Hebrews 11: 6. LB) Believing God is important.
2.       The photographer needs to consider the background.  For us, our background becomes a problem when dealing with God.  We consider we aren’t good enough and have a myriad excuses why we can’t connect with God. We feel that God is mad at us for failing to keep his standard, that he is condemning us. Our background then, is our stumbling block. When Jesus was crucified he took care of our background.  He wiped it out completely and left us new people. ‘When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand-new person inside. They are not the same any more. A new life has begun.’(2Corinthians 5: 17.)
3.       The photographer must become emotionally involved with his subject and for us to connect successfully with God, we must be passionately and intimately involved. It is a relationship that calls for commitment as in any relationship. The depth and growth of the new intimacy will bring purpose, meaning and joy of life. This is God’s plan for the human race. We must want to be one with God.

Nebeyat - Copy.jpg

4.       Artists and photographers know that the eyes must be emphasised. We must look for Jesus and see him with other eyes, the eyes of our understanding. We  see his love for us through his death and return from the dead.  We see he chose us before we were ever a twinkle in our mother’s eye. Faith, trust, confidence in God that he will put his actions where his mouth is and not let us down adds to our insights of him. The eyes of our understanding clear when we accept Jesus and commited to him. A true portrait of God and his Son Jesus fills our vision.


Jesus Christ is the true portrait of God, the Father.  God has given all he has to make us his beloved children. Jesus gave his life and all he is and had, to make us acceptable in his Father’s eyes.  The only thing left to do: we accept Jesus and transfer to him our life. We need to be able to say, ‘The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God.’ (Galatians 2: 20 LB). When we have given ourselves, we are included in the portrait, and the family picture is complete.



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