P1260442.JPGOh, look! Here is a wedding invitation from Michael and Peggy.  I remember when Michael was a teenager and came to work on the fruit block during the summer holidays. To fund his goal to be a doctor he had to work during holidays and any spare time. There was only Michael, his brother and mother. I wonder if he reached his dream.

Michael and his mate, Lou, would have pitched buckets of rotten fruit at my husband Bruce, in after work fruit fights. Our children became very upset at Dad being picked on by these two boys. In fact, Bruce would have teased the boys, and they were only retaliating.

We have never heard of Mick again.  Lou married and became a father and Pastor. I sigh, so long ago, like ships passing in the night. Their lives crossed ours just for a moment in time.
Wow! My old diary.  Wonder what I wrote back then. Fancy that! It says we went to a combined Schools’ Concert in Whyalla and granddaughter Jessica was in the choir – 250 strong. Also, she was flautist in an ensemble of 12.  Jessica had so much potential, like a plant about to bloom.  Jessica is wife and mum to a daughter and son.


Ah, here’s our golden wedding cards.  Who sent us these beautiful cards? Wayne and Mandy, my grandson and his wife.  His story is a miracle. He was only nineteen when he was diagnosed with leukemia.  Stem cell technology gave him a chance of living.  He is a father of twins now.  So many of his fellow sufferers have died.  He is a lone survivor.  His mother is too. She waged a successful war against breast cancer.

wattle over sunset 1.jpg

Oh and look! A card from the great grandchildren.  There are bits of paper stuck all over it and a note from their mother, ‘Happy Birthday, Nana.’ The card is not pretty or expensive, but it is prized above diamonds or pearls. The card was made by their little hands with much excited talk and glue everywhere to do something special for Nana.

In my memory box, there are stored hundreds of memories, good ones, bad ones. I’ve remembered only a few of what is stored in the box.


The great thing about God is that his memory box is empty. We are reminded in the book of Psalms that God cast our sin as far from him as the east is from the west and remembers them no more.’  God only records that Christ made us a new person when we invited him into our inner being person. New desires, actions, lifestyles were born in us then; this is the record that God keeps.

We keep our mental memory box full with the hurts and grudges against those who did us wrong. Years later, we are still carrying them.  God’s memory box is empty of our misdeeds because his only son Jesus took our place of condemnation.  When we believe and accept Jesus as our scapegoat, we are cleansed.  Our past is rubbed out. God forgives and forgets.

My memory box is full of cards, newspaper cuttings, photos and junk, I’m going to keep my memory box because I like to remember those who have drifted in and out of our life and what my children have achieved. However, I’m working on emptying my mental memory box. If God can forgive me totally, then I need to empty my memory and be the new person, he made me at the cross.

God sees me and you through Christ and what Christ has made us. God has chosen me and you above all else to be his beloved children, free from the clutter of sin. Let’s embrace that new life, unreservedly and live our full potential.

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