There was no illustration for the red gibber plains. However there is animage of waterless salt bush plains.

At first glance the desert seemed empty except for red gibbers as far as the eye could see.  Not a tree or a bush, just red gibbers.  Yet a closer look showed the wasteland was alive with flowers.  Tiny pink, blue, yellow, and white blossoms, their faces uplifted to the sun.

A thunderstorm a couple weeks ago had unleashed showers over the plains and these tiny plants had sprung up among the gibbers.  Only the discerning eye would see these miniscule desert dwellers.


Each plant only had one purpose and that was to flower and produce a seed so that the species would continue when the next rain fell, this week or five years later.  The conditions these plants thrived in were harsh in the extreme but still they grew and blossomed.  Their beauty was even more jewel like because of the conditions in which they lived.  They made the red gibber plains a hidden Eden

Many people fail to learn and what the plants take for granted is that growth and beauty are produced by harsh conditions.  We try to dodge the harshness of life.  We expect to only bloom in good conditions. Often this inability to cope is what makes us sick and weak. It is a rebellion against we know not what? or a refusal to face life?

A class of childfren had filled this sock with seeds and watered them.  The green shoots can be seen sprouting as hair.  This was a fun project to demonstrate how seeds shoot.


However, the plants accept the circumstances and flower because they must or they become extinct.  God placed in their DNA a determination not to become extinct.

If the situation in which we live is untenable maybe it’s because we have not allowed God to water us and so have not grown, bloomed and seeded and scattered our seed to produce life in others.  When we believed in Jesus and became a new person, God wrote into our DNA the purpose, like the plant, to grow and sow even if our place was a waterless, red gibber plain. In all circumstances we can live courageously and progressively, because as the Bible says, ‘that out of his ( Christ’s) unlimited resources he will give you the mighty inner strengthening of his Holy Spirit.’(Ephesians 3: 16.LB)

An Eremophila bloom.  This group of plants only grow in the deserts of Australia. They turn a wasteland into a beautiful place.


When we rise in faith and live, we will bloom and reveal the beauty of Christ and we can, because as the Bible says, ‘As far as God is concerned there is a sweet, wholesome fragrance in our lives. It is the fragrance of Christ within us, an aroma to both the saved and the unsaved all around us.’(2 Corinthians 2:15).

The desert places around us become beautiful places.  People are drawn to Christ in us; their lives are enriched because we have been their friend or just an acquaintance.  God is able to reach them because we have bloomed with all our might right where we live.

A Ptylotus magnificus. It loves the deserts but does not do well in a pot in a backyard – well not for me anyway.

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