Guest Writer:  Lorraine Zinnack

A kangaroo got out of his enclosure at the zoo during the night.  The zoo-keeper put him back and built the fence surrounding the enclosure higher, but this did not stop the kangaroo – it was out wandering again next morning.  The keeper extended the fence higher, but again found the ‘roo was out again the following morning.  Yet again he added an extension to the top of the fence, after putting the animal back in its yard.   The next night as the roo again wandered as freely around the zoo as on the previous nights, the camel asked him, “how high do you think they will keep building the fence?”   The roo thought for a moment then laughingly replied, “I guess they’ll just keep going higher until they realise, they need to lock the gate at night!”


African wild dogs.  Well fenced in.  Monarto Zoo, South Australia

This little tale set me thinking of how often we try so hard to change our lives in some way; to stop doing something we know is bad for us, or to make positive changes that would make us healthier or happier – and fail miserably repeatedly.  Our will power, it seems, is not strong enough.  No matter how hard we try, we so often fail to achieve in some important areas of our lives.   Perhaps this is like looking at the fence and thinking we must try harder, and harder, and as the zookeeper in the story must have felt, feeling frustrated at not being able to achieve the desired result.  And all along we are struggling unsuccessfully when we don’t have to.  We just need to look around and see the real and far simpler answer.    Scripture reminds us that in Jesus we have all we need.  He says:  “Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

We ‘lock the gate” by prayerfully putting our lives and every situation in Jesus hands.  Then, as He changes our thinking and our hearts, we will begin to see the changes in our lives, without the struggle, without the fight.  We can rest in peace.

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