Author unknown


Like any good mother, when Karen found that another baby was on the way, she began to help her three year old son Michael, prepare for his new sibling.

To encourage Michael to build a bond with his new sister he was allowed to sing to her every day while still in the womb.

Then it was time for the baby to be born.  Things didn’t go well for the little girl and she was placed in the neo-natal intensive care unit at the hospital.  The paediatrician delivered the sad news that the little girl wouldn’t make it.



Michael badly wanted to sing to his sister and kept begging to be allowed to. Karen decided to ignore the rules and dressed him in a scrub suit and took him to ICU looking like a laundry basket.

After some strong words on Karen’s part Michael got to sing to his sister.  When the pure three year old voice rang out, ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…’ it was noticed that the baby responded.

Keep on singing,’ urged Karen.  Michael sang, ‘You’ll never know dear, how much I love you…’ ‘

Keep on singing,’ the nurse urged.

The next day, incredibly, the baby went home.  It was called the Miracle of a Brother’s song.

Love is so incredibly powerful.

Gold diggers 2018.jpg
Two brothers  fossicking for gold on worked out fields.


How can we measure a love that is depthless, width less and height less?  Mount Everest is the pinnacle of our concept of height but how puny when compared to the love God extends to us. From the beginning of time we were the love object of God.

Calvary is spoken of as the climax of love but the love of God goes even beyond Calvary, from the known and explored to the unexplored and unknown.  Can the human heart ever plumb the depth of God’s love?  We can only get a glimmer every now and again.

God’s love is none the less real, it saves us, heals us, lifts us beyond what we can be.  God’s love is without conditions, we don’t have to work hard to earn God’s love, and his love is not a commodity to be bought, paid for in kind. God’s love is there all we have to do is accept it and live in it and rest in it, not questioning as to why he love us but that he does.

Such love is called Grace, the unlimited favour of God. The favour of God is upon you just live in it.

Master & hound.jpg
This dog is listening his master’s song of love.


Michael’s sister heard his song of love and she lived. Have you heard your elder Brother, Jesus’ song of love and live?




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