Idracowra or Etikaura.  The whiteman’s name is Chambers Pillar. The pillar was once part of a high mountain range through central Australia

People are varied and their experiences and opinions in life are just as varied. So it is with God.  Some people readily believe there is a God. Others struggle with the question, finally concluding there is no God and find alternate answers to life’s big question. Still others seek, question, examine the question. Only then will they believe.

I asked three people the question, Is there a God? Their answers are in brown text.

Bruce Leane has been a pastor for over sixty years, pastoring and preaching throughout the state of South Australia.

‘Yes, the mystery of creation is too great for there not to be a divine mind. The Bible declares there is a God and I believe these ancient writings to be true.’  Bruce Leane

All the while God is in the wings, waiting leaving a trail here and there, with signposts so we can pick up the signs that lead to him. We miss them too often and continue to agonise over the question.  Still God waits with yet more signs.

Naomi Wilson is a singer/song writer.

These lillies grow and bloom in the harshest of country.  It sometimes doesn’t rain for months .  These bulbs create beauty in the desert.

‘I always answer this with a YES! And it is always followed by the question, how do I know? Well, for me God is the warmth when life leaves me out on my own; God is the laughter when my life is good; God is the hope when I think my dreams are fading; God is the celebration when I succeed. I know he is real because he is alive in the everyday experiences of my life.’  Naomi Wilson

What is required to unlock the presence of God is faith.  ‘You can never please God without faith, without depending on him. Anyone who wants to come to God must believe that there is a God and that he rewards those who sincerely look for him.’Hebrews, 1: 6.  LB

Jojin George was born in India and emigrated to Australia.  Jojin George is a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Yes, there is a God; he is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, maker of heaven and earth, he is God almighty who gave his only son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice so that we might live with him eternally.  The word of God clearly invites us to Taste and See that God is good.  “Is there a God?” is not an unanswered question for me, I have personally tasted and seen that God is good and he is as real for me as you are.  I did not have to search or research for an answer, all I did was ask God and he answered. Jojin George

The Ebor Falls  in the New England region of New South Wales  Australia





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