The era this house was built can be estimated by the way the chimney is built.

The life span of the average person is about eighty years.  It seems a long time when one is living the moments, the days, the weeks, and the years.  Rearing children and educating them, maybe re-joining the workforce and coping with a mortgage.  One becomes so busy that every day is a memory before it has dawned.  Retirement looms, we make plans for this third phase, often times those plans don’t materialise because old age sets in.  Our health, mental and physical fails and we become prisoners of our minds and bodies.

If we have failed to plan for our retirement both in the financial area and lifestyle, life becomes an open road with nothing in sight but boredom, discontent and bitterness at being served a lemon. A person’s attitude to life plays a large part in developing a happy old age.

Analyse eighty years and this is what you get; twenty three years sleeping, fourteen years working, eight years in amusement, six years eating, and four years in transportation.  Four years spent in conversation, one year reading and one year in learning.

If one is a church goer and attends every Sunday and stayed to the last hymn and they prayed every day for five minutes night and morning, the time spent on God would only amount to five months.  Five months out of eighty years!


The author of this book ‘The Key” is investing beyond herself. She is hoping her writings will outlast her lifespan.

Eighty years is but a second when compared to eternity, yet those eighty years determine where one will spend eternity.  So much depends on the choices made during the eighty maybe ninety years.

The greatest use of life is to spend it on something that will out-last the here and now. Life will have been misspent if one gets to the end without knowing a living Christ, so as we face the future there will be choices that will affect one’s life forever.

 Good intentions and resolutions leave us sitting on the fence disengaged with life.  There is no second chance at life to rectify the mistakes one has made however much we try to patch up the errors. Of course, owning up to the mistakes and making restitution is important, the past though, is not like a pair of jeans that can be patched and restored like new. Only God has the power to make us new people.

Guilt, the fruit of the past, trips people up if it is not dealt with. Knowing Jesus deals with the past.  Jesus took our past onto the cross with him and carried it into the grave and buried it with himself.  God, his father, remembers our past no more.  We have become guiltless and without a past, by Jesus’ action on the cross

Anna has invested both time and money into her singing/songwriting career. Busking is a part of that investment.


When we have Jesus we have everything, so the Bible declares. When we have Jesus, we have all that he has, we become a joint heir with him in the Father’s will.  Imagine inheriting from God everything Jesus inherits.

God has invested Jesus, his only son, in us. God values us equally with his only son. What have we invested in God?  Five months?  There seems to be an imbalance here. Our whole life needs to be spent, not on the concepts and of God, the habits of going to church and the praying and reading the Bible and the doing good,  but we need to invest in  the life long relationship with God. 

To count the time God has spent on us is impossible. Our five months of time spent on God is very puny by comparison. Only a relationship with God will be comparative and satisfactory to both parties.

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