Down the Sink Hole

Guest writer, Ray Davies

In 1984, we were living on our beloved farm of 82 acres. The property was situated close to Port MacDonnell in the south-east of South Australia.
I had an interesting experience involving a lamb. We had 100 ewes which had lambed recently. It was a Sunday. We were, as usual on a Sunday, running late for the church service.
Still, in my farm clothes and cleaning my shoes, I heard what sounded like a distressed ewe. I decided to ignore it.
During the service, we intended to share with the congregation about my wife Pauline’s mother who was very sick with cancer. We were very worried about her, not only her health but also her salvation. If she were to die, would she go to heaven? We wanted prayer during the service for her. Did she understand that Jesus had opened the way for her, by taking upon Himself her sins so freeing her to enter God’s presence guiltless?
The continual bleating of the lamb got the better of me and I went to investigate.
We had about 40 acres of beautiful scrub and I could see Strop, the ewe, standing on the edge of the scrub but no lamb in sight. Most of our sheep had been bought in bulk and were Corriedales but Strop had been one of a pair bought by Pauline’s brother as a present. Strop was a Merino. The person whom he bought it from cheated him because she had a twisted mouth and no ears.


She was a great mother though, so I was surprised there was no lamb present. She had been named Strop because she was a cantankerous animal, stamping a front foot in a warning if you got too close to her lamb. As I approached her she held her ground as if defending her lamb. As I moved nearer she turned and held again. While I was still puzzling about her behaviour and the lack of a lamb I noticed a hole in the ground and about 20cm down was the lamb with its head just visible. The area we lived in, unfortunately, had numerous sinkholes. Sometimes these holes were big enough to get into and opened up into caves with water in them. On our land, the sinkholes were small. If you dropped a stone into one you could hear the splash of water below.
The holes on my land, as far as I knew, were covered with stones. I had not noticed this hole before. The stones had been removed. How this had happened was a mystery because there should have been a least one stone covering the hole.
Meanwhile, the lamb was still trapped waiting to be rescued. I reached down to pull the creature out by its scruff. The animal wouldn’t budge! On my knees, I tried again. I got plenty of crunching noises from the neck of the lamb but no movement. I then noticed other rocks nearby which appeared to be blocking another hole. I removed them and peered into the gloom. I could see the lamb’s feet. This was a Y shaped hole.
“Great”, I thought. Lying face down now, I pushed and pulled. Still no success!
I lay there wondering what to do, then it occurred to me to pray. I prayed along these lines, “Father, enable the earth to give birth to this lamb”. As soon as I finished speaking the prayer out loud the lamb suddenly came free and I released it to its impatient mum.

I continued to lay there filled with amazement wondering just what had taken place. The words: “I am the God Who raises from the grave,” came clearly into my mind.
The significance of this phrase dawned on me. We were concerned for the health of Pauline’s mum and were also unsure if she was saved by faith in Jesus. By this practical demonstration of raising this little lamb from the “grave” the Lord had shown me that He would do the same for Pauline’s Mum – she was indeed going to be with Jesus when she passed away. Pauline’s mum died not long after but thanks to the parable of this lamb we know that we will see her again.

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