Glasses have enabled this man to look out on the world with humour and enjoyment.

When we fall in love our opinion of our sweetheart is often coloured.  We endow him or her with a beauty they do not possess.  Character flaws are glossed over and considered loveable. Later, when married what was lovable then becomes a fault and divorce is considered. 

 Our parents become concerned if they feel the person is not worthy of us. In their frustration at our blindness to the character defects in our beloved, they will tell us we are looking through rose coloured glasses.

There is no cure for rose coloured glasses except experience. When the true character of the love of our life is manifest the rose colour fades and we feel betrayed, heartbroken for a time. Experiences teach us what a clear vision or understanding of life is about. We don’t suffer again from rose coloured sight.

Philip, our fifteen-year-old son, suffered from a hereditary eye defect.   We were aware that there might be a problem. We tried to monitor his sight. In the end, we missed the deterioration. He, unfortunately, spent a period of time suffering from blurred vision.

This image has been cropped to show impaired vision. How restricted the view of the world is when sight is gone.

 Philip put on his glasses and stood before the kitchen window.  Staring at the tree outside.

   ‘Look at all the leaves on the tree,’ he said, awestruck. ‘The detail!  I can’t get over the detail.’

    The glasses had corrected his vision.  Everything was sharp and detailed.  A whole new world opened before him.

When eyesight is impaired life is restricted.  The world we see is limited and our outlook small.  Today there is braille to help us read, tell the time. There are seeing-eye dogs to aid people. For the vision-impaired,  the world is no longer narrow. We can live as sighted people.

Faith is the glasses we need to distinguish God in detail.  Faith clarifies the vision we have of God’

The wearing of dark glasses helps preserve sight in bright lights. Looking through dark glasses blurs the details. sight is not clear.

    ‘You can never please God without faith, without depending on him.’  Heb.11: 6 (LB)

    When we view God through glasses of faith we see him in a new light.  We see a God who is intimately involved in our world as a healer, a saviour, and a deliverer and provider. 

    These attributes of God are like leaves on the tree.  They are part of the tree and give it character.  So God’s attributes or facets of his personality reveal his true character in detail. 

We need to see clearly God’s whole character in detail.  Not the blurred version of a defective sight portrayed by the TV and the media. We can have a detailed view of God through the glasses of faith.

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