OUT OF THIS WORLD Bronwyn Pearse (Guest Writer)

Twinkle Twinkle little star !

Have you ever been outside on a dark starry night and wondered. Have the stars always been there? How did it all come about anyway? Are we really just the result of random chance? If there is a Being behind the Cosmos does he care? Is there any evidence for his existence? 

If you have then I invite you to come on a journey with me, into cosmic history looking for the fingerprints of a creator.

The Journey

Over the years I have struggled with some of the scientific evidence that pertains to the age of the earth largely because of what I thought was the biblical understanding of creation.

I have wrestled with this concept because I also believed that this is God’s earth and the evidence should be pointing towards him and not away from him. I also believed that God would not be sitting idly by while science got the upper hand.

Well I have recently found some answers to these questions and it’s been really encouraging. Remarkably, the scientists themselves admit that the evidence, of a being beyond the cosmos is overwhelming.

It’s affirmed my belief in the bible as the inspired word of God and revealed more of God’s grace and intimacy. So in the following pages I will share some of these with you.

Any references I make can be verified, just ask and I’ll send you them to you. What I am presenting is a snapshot. There will be gaps but I can refer you to more of this detailed evidence if you are interested.  

The Discovery

After going to my 49 year old cousin’s funeral last week (my fourth over a year.) I took a moment to reflect on what I’d leave behind if I unexpectedly left this earth. I have no intention of leaving but it makes you ponder. My reflections have led me to be prepared to take a few risks and open up about some of these issues and the conclusions that they bring. So I thought I wanted to assure you that while I have been a Christian for many years it is only recently that I become really acquainted with the increasingly insurmountable evidence for a creator and indeed for Christ. “Evidence I hear you say, what evidence? Well if you’re interested then over the next few posts I’ll share these with you.

Let’s begin… Of all the scientific fields we have, the field of Cosmology and astrophysics has more people who are deists i.e. (someone who believes in a God of some sort) than any other field of science. Of these there is again a higher percentage of Christians than any other field of science. This raises the question.  Why is this? Mmmmmmmmm. And here’s another interesting statistic. There are only 10 thousand astrophysicists in the world compared to 4 million biologists. Who do you think is heard more?

Okay with this established. What was the discovery of the twenty first century? In 1992 astrophysicists confirmed that there was indeed a beginning to space time matter and energy otherwise known as the Big Bang. Stephen hawking exclaimed. “It is the discovery of the century, if not of all time. “ Astrophysicist Michael turner termed the discovery “unbelievably important.” George Smoot astronomer and project leader of the COBE satellite declared.” What we have found is evidence for the birth of the universe … It’s like looking at God.”

According to science historian Fred Burnham, the community of scientists was prepared to consider the idea that God created him universe “a more respectable hypothesis today than at any other time in the last 100 years. Prof Burbridge of University of California complained his fellow astronomers were rushing off to join “the first church of Christ of the Big Bang.” Ted Koppel on ABC’s Nightline began by quoting the first two verses of Genesis to which the physicist immediately added the third. So are you interested, intrigued, dismayed or apathetic.

Stay tuned for more “Out of this world posts

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