by Bronwyn Pearse (guest writer)

Holmes and Watson had been on a camping trip and after a session of heavy drinking, they fell sound asleep.

They woke in the middle of the night and Holmes nudges Watson and says “Lookup. What do you see?”

Watson says, “I see stars and stars and more stars.” 

Holmes replies. “What does it tell you, Watson?”

“Astronomically it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically it tells me that Saturn is in Leo and its about 3 o clock in the morning. Meteorologically it tells me tomorrow will be a nice day. Theologically it tells me this is a vast universe and we are only a small part of the great hall. Why Holmes, what does it tell you?”

“Watson, you idiot, someone has stolen our tent.”😂😂

“You know you can be very profound with your answers and miss the larger point!”

Three features of the universe underpin present understandings:

1. There was a space-time beginning.

2. The laws of physics have been fixed since then.

3. The universe has been continually expanding since that creation event.

So we have established that there is some transcendent entity beyond the universe bringing it into being. But is this transcendent entity personal?

Is he intimately involved in the universe? Before we address this question, who was the first scientist to claim that the universe is expanding? Was it Einstein, Hubble, Lemaitre?

Interestingly enough, the real answer is Job followed by 5 other authors of the Bible. 

In verse 8 Job says “He alone stretches out the heavens.” The Bible has 11 different references to the expansion or expanding of the universe 2000 years before scientists discovered this feature. Job 9.8, Psalm 104.2, Isiah 40.22, Isiah 42.5, Isiah 44.24, Isiah 45.12, Isiah 48.13, Isiah 51.13, Zechariah 12.1 Jeremiah 51.15, Jeremiah 10.12. No book outside the Bible said this until the 21st century.

Of these three scientists, George Lemaitre is considered the founding father of the continuing expanding model of the universe. Several observations and measurements demonstrate this expansion.

Dark energy which is the term for the feature which expands the universe was first discovered in 1999 and makes up 71 per cent of the universe.

To this discovery Lawrence Krauss a self-described atheist said, “The cosmological constant (dark energy) would involve the most extreme finely-tuned problem known in physics.”

In the same way, physicists have determined that the universe must expand at a precise rate otherwise the planets and stars won’t form properly.

It has to be just right. Too quickly, no universe. Too slowly, no universe.

The teams who discovered the acceleration of the cosmic expansion rate were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2011.

What does this say about the creator beyond the cosmos? He is more than a transcendent being because only a personal being can manifest the attributes of intelligence, power and creativity.

Three physicists who were atheists wrote a research paper about the implications of dark energy which caught the attention of the editor of the prestigious scientific journal Nature.

He interviewed the three Dyson, Kleban and Susskind and in it, they said: “Arranging the cosmos as we think it was arranged would have required a miracle.”

They went on to say “an unknown agent beyond space and time intervened in the (history) of the universe for reasons of his own.

Within nine months of this interview, astronomers continued to develop nine different ways to assert the existence of dark energy and that it is the dominant component of the universe.

So what have we established thus far?

That there is an entity beyond the universe who brought the universe into being and that the dominant feature of the universe must be exquisitely fine-tuned for it to function.

Astronomers now agree that dark energy is here to stay. What the discovery of a cosmic beginning and an expanding universe has done is to confirm that the universe was not a continual cycle of birth and rebirth.

From a science perspective, the rug has been pulled out from under eastern religions including Hinduism and Buddhism which are underpinned by a doctrine of cosmic reincarnation. Is it the truth that we are seeking and are we being honest with our conclusions? Truth by its definition is exclusive. 

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