TALK THE TORQUE by Bruce Leane (Guest Writer)

The drill that Bruce prized and the source of power.

It doesn’t need a university degree to press the button on my drill even if I am unaware that it does have a clutch.

Sixty years ago I was brought before the black coated elders of the local church who wanted to know why I dared to question their spiritual authority concerning certain scriptures.  The scriptures gave instruction about laying hands on the sick and praying for them for healing. I was an asthmatic and searched for answers.  Since that time church doctrine has steadily progressed to include praying for the sick and acknowledging the power of the Holy Spirit.

A left over concept from that rigid black coated era is the idea that only the ordained ecclesia has the power to pray for the sick and see God in his power move for our good. 

Bruce’s workshop where he stored the power

I want to point out that you and I have the same ability to use a Ryobi 18 volt power drill as anybody else.  We are not required to have a university degree.   I dare to suggest  that the power of God is not dispensed to people of great learning or who have degrees, remember the Lord said to the cosmopolitan crowd gathered on the Day of Pentecost  Acts 2: 4, ‘ crowds came running  to see what it was all about, and were stunned to hear their own languages being spoken. “How can this be? they exclaimed.”’  That day the Holy Spirit was poured out on everyone and to this day God has not recalled his Spirit.

Anyone who holds a Ryobi drill in his or her hand and presses the button has power; anyone who believes and trusts in the Lord has power in their heart and life.  My friend Larry was a ‘tradie’ who met the Lord and gave his life to Jesus unreservedly and the Lord gave himself to Larry unreservedly they were as one. He went to Bible School but it was a struggle.  Larry was fearless in his devotion to Jesus and whoever he met Larry would talk to them about his Lord.  Larry found his way into prisons; here he had a field day preaching.  He was such an ordinary guy the prisoners listened, they were healed and many experienced Jesus in their hearts.  Larry believed, ‘these signs will follow those that believe,’ Matt 16: 17 and he saw the signs of the Lord.

The hand that holds the drill will feel the torque, the hand in the Lord’s hand will feel his power.

More tools of power.

To operate the drill at the torque number 3, will drive the screw to its shank but to operate the drill at 20 will drive the screw out the other side.  As a believer don’t limit the power of God to a three but go the whole hog and claim 20.  God’s power is not limited by numbers, degrees or status in society. In trusting God we’ve all got as much right to be used by God as the ecclesia. ‘I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I am doing.  He will do even greater things because I (Jesus) am going to my Father.’ John 14: 12.

The fruit of the power.

There is an ad that says, ‘You’ve got it’. So if our hand is in the Lord’s hand we’ve got the power, let’s use it. Don’t quibble about whether we are good enough, remember we have been made good by Jesus; we just need to get on with the job of teaching, healing, preaching, sharing the good news that Jesus saves.

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