Images such as the one above are often used to depict God. We imagine God to be something ethereal but in reality he is a person. He is no pie in the sky he is steak on our plate here on earth. meaning he is real, he is keenly interested in what we do. He is real.

Life has got in the way of my posts the last couple of weeks. Soon I hope to be back working my blog in earnest. Here is a short post just to stay on the radar.

Saint Saviours Church of England. Beside it is the old church build by the pioneers settling South Australia. Many of the early settlers had a living, active faith in a living God. Their faith was in a real God not a fantasy.

‘Believe in Me…’ Jesus said.  He didn’t say, ‘Believe in certain things about me.’ When Jesus uttered these words he wanted people to focus attention on himself not the miracles, the signs and wonders, the healings.  They would happen anyway as a result of a relationship with him.

I think the statement ‘Believe in Me…’ is very challenging even life changing.  We are told to grow in faith so we stress ourselves, especially in times of hardship, grief, and illness to strengthen our faith, aren’t we believing in something about Jesus rather than believing in Him, because it is what we have been taught?

I’ve said it myself ‘Make a commitment to Christ!’ But am I making a commitment to an idea?  Is it something that I’ve been taught?  Making a commitment to Christ is not wrong. But have I made a commitment to an idea or a religion rather than to a person?   Have I seen the person of Jesus with such clarity that I want to get close to him and please him. Is he the love of my life?  O r do I love his gifts and great experiences more? Sometimes I have found my Christian experience has been hot and cold which leads me to consider that I’ve been committed to commitment not enthralled by a person for whom I would die.

Another thing we are taught to be is enthusiastic about Jesus.  How can we maintain enthusiasm about a person if we are don’t really know who that person is?

The interior of a Uniting Church. When the church was first erected by the early settlers is was known as the Methodist church.

When Jesus said, ‘Believe in Me…’ I wonder if he was saying, ‘Don’t worry about serving me, don’t worry about right doctrine, though it is important.’  I wonder if he is saying, ‘Get your eyes on me, the person and all these other things will fall into their rightful place of importance.  If that doesn’t take the pressure of trying to serve and to have faith and all the other things we are supposed to do and be, what will?

Jesus – a name or a person

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