The Treasure Seekers

Seeking treasure, materially of physically or spiritually?

  Christopher and Robert, two blonde haired boys of six and eight years of age, sons of my best, friend were rich. They sought and found a treasure chest.

The treasure chest of gold and jewels was beyond rich. The treasure chest was theirs because they had fought off the pirates and won the treasure. They had it all.

Two pairs of blue eyes glowed with the fire of adventure as they dug a hole on a sandy beach under a palm tree on an island in the Ocean of Nowhere. They marked the spot X on a map made of crocodile skin.

A skirmish with the pirates ensued. Chris and Rob hid in the jungle but alas the angry robbers discovered them. The two boys fought to the last breath.  They were left battered, bleeding and bruised but the enemy were all dead to a man.

The dream faded. The treasure vanished. All that was left were pieces of broken tile, bits of timber, a plastic runnel and oddments of rubber.  The tropical island faded to become a suburban backyard, filled with the paraphernalia of a family. The ordinary took over.

There is treasure that doesn’t vanish, that doesn’t tarnish, and that never loses its value. Treasure that lights up our life with joy, love, peace.  In today’s world of mental illness, homelessness and poverty, these are the treasures that glow white hot in the darkness of turmoil.

Where do we find this treasure? The map is the Bible. It will tell us all we need to know about how to find the treasure.  The treasure I’m talking about is Jesus, God’s Son. When we have Jesus we have everything, untapped treasures of wisdom and knowledge. We may live in a hard world, an unhappy world, an imperfect world, but it won’t matter.

Your heart is where your treasure is. Chris and Rob are grown men today, their concept of treasure is vastly different from when they were boys. Their hearts are set on different things now.

When our heart is given to Jesus, He reveals the treasure of his presence and we no longer search for that elusive something.  We are at rest.

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