BLOG, True Stories


The little knot   of people   stood disconsol­ately watching a   fellow-traveler wade across the   flooding river.     The muddy water swirled around his knees.

“No   way am   I   going to put my little Datsun into   that,”   remarked the owner.    “It’ll   drown.” So   a   clearing in   scrub was   found.      The long foodless night stretched ahead.

“Pity we   couldn’t have   a   fire,”   stated Mr. Datsun.

“Hang on,   there’s some matches   in the glove box,”   remembered his   wife.     By   the light of   the moon   wood was gathered and   soon a fire   glowed comfortingly. If only there was   a kettle   and   some   bread.

“We’ve   come   to   pay our neighbors   a visit,” said the Young Thing, as   she and her male companion appeared out of the   gloom.

“Welcome to   our fire,   sorry we   can’t offer   you   a   drink   or food,”   lamented Mrs. Datsun.

Give me some of that.

“Weve got some chairs, a kettle and water,” they chimed to­gether and vanished into the dark. Mrs. Datsun searched the scrub and found the lid of a discarded drum and made a rickety table. Soon a hot drink was on the go.

“I’ve got some bread and marg,”Mr. Bachelor offered, as he honed in on the fire like a moth.

The resources were pooled and a meal quickly came together, lit by the light of the moon.

Mr. Bachelor had lost his twelve year job.   What a time of friendship we all shared on the bank of the Weir River.  The flood caused us to gather on the river bank and in our need we relied on strangers; we overlooked the fact we were strangers. 

The Young Things were returning from SA. To a brother’s funeral.

 Mr. and Mrs. Datsun were paying a visit to a loved dau­ghter.  More people arrived, more food appeared. The camaraderie grew between people thrown together unexpectedly and needy.

Someone placed a pile of bushes across the road so the new arrivals wouldn’t unknowingly plough into the flooded river and be washed away.

Direction Markers. God has provided a direction marker through the wilderness that we call life. A Roman cross on which His Son Jesus hung on directs us on how to live an abundant life.

All were strangers, thrown together for a fleeting moment.  Each supplied the need of the other, giving what they could.  Coming together, sharing, never to meet again, such is the code of the road.

The Christian church, designed by God, has a similar code. Each member is necessary to the other. Each ministry is needed to meet the needs of another. ‘ Under his(Christ’s) direction the whole body is fitted together perfectly, and each part in its own special way helps the other parts, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.’ Ephesians 4: 16.

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