LIFE THROUGH A CAMERA LENS Guest writer Bruce Leane

The dedicated camerawoman. She is getting down and dirty to get the best image.

Digital photography has changed the way we snap our photos.  My wife takes photos, many photos and I cry, ‘The cost, the cost, the cost!  What about the cost of film and development?’  But she laughs, and says, ‘This is the digital age, don’t you know.’ and continues on her way happily snapping.  If the snaps aren’t good she just deletes them and that is that. 

 Mankind has become very clever by his inventions.  Or was he really the inventor?  When I look at a wedge tail eagle with such sensitive sight it can see its prey from great heights and great distances, and a tiny blue wren, who admires himself in my lounge room window, my mind asks who created the vision of these creatures?  My thoughts then turn to our own eyes.  Vision is truly one of God’s marvellous works.  The variety of eyes and what is seen and interpreted is so immense our minds can’t conceive or contain it.

 Then grab hold of the fact that it is passed on down through the generations of people and birds and animals for thousands of years without the loss of one detail.  I suggest that, from the science perspective, man is just a copycat. 

 When I take images on my camera, I have produced a likeness of the subject but I have not produced the subject in a living form.  Life is not in what man produces it just a manufactured reproduction.

Snapping his favourite character to keep memories.

 Our master, the giver of all life, the Divine God, passes on life in all forms, by the tiniest of sperm cells in the exact form for each species forever.  Yet people say, ‘There is no God.’  May I use the words from the Biblical record, ‘The fool has said in his heart there is no God.’ 

The question needs to be asked, ‘Do you still have vision?  Are all your vital statistics functioning?  Our characteristics will be passed on to the next generation and function correctly.

 You may say you don’t believe in God yet you believe that your family will inherit your characteristics.  Belief has to be placed in something that gives life, why not take that step and acknowledge God. 

 Man in himself can make nothing that lives and breathes, not ever.  It can be patched, fixed up, cleaned and yes, fed –  but to create life?  Never!  Create a living eye with millions of different lenses to serve millions of purposes?  Never! 

Standing on the sidelines, waiting for the moment to zoom in and freeze the moment. Your favourite character is now a memory forever.

 ‘ His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me,’ these words are only hinted at in the ancient writings that I believe in.  I have great faith in God’s eyes.  His sight is beyond that of the eagle and even more minute than the wren’s.  I have great faith that God has me in his sights.

 So you Canon, Kodak and Panasonic makers, I love the cameras you have created, I love taking images of what the Father has created.  We live in a wonderful, wonderful world and it’s great to be a part of that world.  But cameras are not yet producing cameras.  The eye or lens of a camera does not have the vision of a real eye nor can it reproduce real life.  However, go on enjoying the digital cameras and making pictures.

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