‘I did it!’ Mordy succeeded in blowing out his candles.
One thing is for sure, nobody, even the virus can blow away God’s love for us. God’s love is a stable truth that never wavers.

ACCEPTED. My great-grandson is turning 2 years old and his Mum is planning a party. His mum has favoured me with an invitation to attend. I have accepted. I look forward to the party with joy and thanks giving that I am among the favoured few.

Remember when Jesus birth was anticipated?  The angel appeared to Mary and said, ‘ Congratulations, favoured lady! The Lord is with you!’ (LB)  Mary was favoured by God above all other women.

We are chosen before the world began, we are now the accepted, the beloved, the highly favoured.  God has poured out his favour upon us and invited us to a party, so to speak.  God accepted us because Jesus gave himself to ensure that we are acceptable and highly favoured.


The Greek translation of being accepted in the beloved means we are ‘highly favoured’.  God so loves us he gave Jesus. God so loves us he can’t love us anymore. God so loves us he can’t love us any less. 

Mordy a highly favoured child. He has two large families
surrounding him with love. Families who believe every member is beloved.
When Mordy’s family assembles, we get a glimpse of
of the highly favour family of God.

Jesus is God’s accepted beloved and his death redeems us so we become the highly favoured of the Father. The highly favoured accepted children of the Father through Jesus. For all this to become ours we accept Jesus into our inner being. So that  we are no longer living for self but living for God.

Can we accept Jesus the highly favoured Son and accept the Father’s invitation and become the highly favoured children of God? Can we accept we are at the pinnacle of God’s love?  We cannot go any higher nor any lower. We are at the zenith through Jesus. Let’s live at the top –  in the throne room.


A tray of goodies that blessed Mordy’s party.
These goodies are symbols of the goodies God heaps on us every day, if we open our eyes to see them.

‘You may be struggling, but keep declaring, ‘I’m blessed. I’m prosperous. I have the favour of God.’ Every time you say it, you’re getting closer to seeing it come true.’


May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ give to us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him (Jesus).

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