Caged. When my children were young, like most families we kept a budgie in a small cage.  His name was Georgie.  Because he was a young bird alone, we were able to teach him to talk.  ‘Hello Georgie’ and ‘Pretty boy’. I used to talk to him a lot because my children were all at school and my husband at work…

I hated seeing him in such a tiny cage where he could not fly free and I tried to choose times when I could let him out inside to fly.

You’ve guessed it, one day he escaped outside. He was gone forever.  It was a cold wet day, he had never learnt to look after himself, he would not have survived very long. His freedom would have brought about his death. We humans are in a similar predicament, though we may not recognize it. We are held in the cage of our own failures, depressions, addictions and lusts, we cannot escape. God saw our dilemma, he saw we were caged.  I loved little Georgie, God loved us without limit and without cause, his love was unconditional and so he wanted us to be free of our cages.

Martin Luther quoted, ‘The recognition of sin, is the beginning of salvation.’

Jesus opened the cage door of our sicknesses and mental problems when he died.  We can escape the cage when we accept Jesus and are born again. We are new people with a new heart and new mind. 

Have we come to the recognition of our cages of sin?  Are we tired of our old life of darkness and defeat? Of continually trying to make ourselves over?

Georgie would have died.  I was already dead spiritually and mentally, when I recognised my position I believed and accepted Jesus and gave my life to him, my cage opened and I lived. I saw the world through different eyes, God’s eyes.

I could say, ‘… and I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in mr. And the real life I now have within this body is a result of my trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

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