The hair on every head in this picture is numbered by God. And more.

You matter. In day to day life, we often ask, do we matter?  Do we contribute to the world? Our nation?  Are we just a face in the crowd?

To our government we are only a number, go into the shopping mall, and we take a number and stand in a queue. We have no name and wait in line for our number to appear on a screen. The social engineers would have us dehumanized. No identity. No self-esteem.  They fully control. us.

The devil wants us to feel we are nothing because he knows he can defeat us when we believe we are worthless.

God, on the other hand, knew you before you were a twinkle in your parents’ eye, he had your life planned before the womb.  You matter to God!

God didn’t make us like robots programed to obey by a press of the button. God gave us a free will, he allowed to use that will to choose. He gambled that we would choose him above all else.
Sometimes he wins sometimes he loses. Have you chosen God?
Has he won you?

 God calls you by name; you don’t have to queue up; God personally loves you.  He wants to meet your needs personally. He wants to make your life beautiful. God knows what you face because Jesus, in all points, suffered as we do.

We matter to God! So according to scripture, God says he will always give you all you need from day to day if you make the kingdom of God your primary goal.

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