I welcome all my readers and yes my home page has suffered another change.

I do hope it will not put you off from following me. Each time I change the page I learn a new thing and come closer to achieving the kind of front page that people will like and want to visit Wondering With Words

I find words are very expressive, they paint pictures, write stories, tell fibs and reveal the truth. Words are so versatile.

Words have always fascinated me and because of the fascination I started to write when I my nest was empty.

Please come with me and lets have fun with words.

Share a cuppa with me while you read my blogs


The art of refrain.

A kyrielle

The sea rose ’round the stricken wreck/ the captain stood upon the deck/ Man the lifeboats’ that’s the drill/ The captain blew his whistle shrill

Passengers ran to board the boats/ They left behind their gold and coats/ Panic brought sanity to a standstill/ The captain blew his whistle shrill.

Water swirled asround his feet/ The captain stood proud in defeat/ The travelers safe from deathly peril/ The captain blew his whistle shrill.

One doesn’t want to be sailing too close to these coastline.


smashed china, tiles, filed pieces, all grist for her creations.

To escape the Covid -19 I thought I would share my sister-in-law’s craft of doing mosaic.

Clare is very clever – not for her modern drill, cutters, etc. She has to perform her craft on a shoe string. That is why her work is outstanding.

Clare surrounded by her tools:

In preparation for a wondrous work of art
Another image of her tools below

Step two is to make a sketch or plan of the piece of art. Clare leaves nothing to chance.

Finally, the finished pot. No sooner has Clare finished on project, her mind is searching, creating, planning the next. That is the way of artists.